5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine MAX BP-C Series


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User Friendly

Standard configuration

  • ITALY ESA® 17″ S660W CNC Control system
  • Human machine interface SMARTTOUCH V6.0
  • YASKAWA ® Highly dynamic EtherCAT servo drive
  • HYPERTHERM ® High Pressure Pump of 50 HP SL-VI – 4200 bar – 1L
  • 1 Table X,Y with cutting head 3000 x 1500 mm working area
  • ACCUSTREAM ® dialine Long lasting cutting nozzle
  • ACCURL® Abrasive backstop system CUT CONTROL 3.0
  • ACCURL® Abrasive regulation-ABRASIVE 3.0
  • Water Jet Soften Treatment–
  • THE MAX 3D 5-Axis Bevel Cutting Head 2.0
  • HYPERTHERM® Echion 50 NEW waterjet pumps
  • Automatic Abrasive feeder with 200L capacity.ABRALINE 1.0
  • ACCURL® Anti-collision system – Collision Protection 2.0
  • Machine safety system. Declaration of conformity and CE marking.
  • Communication system to communicate between the machine and ACCURL®.
  • Industrie 4.0 for sheet metal working with TwinCAT Analytics and TwinCAT IoT

The following Smart Components are Optional:

  • Auto Sludge Removal System
  • IGEMS 3-Axis CAM Minmum 3X Nesting Software
  • IGEMS 5-Axis CAM Normal 3D-5XB Nesting Software
  • ACCURL ® HyPrecision™ Ultra-100S Pump of 100 HP SL-VI • 4200 bar • 1L

Technological Advantages

  • The most versatile cutting systems on the market today, covering the full range of materials and thicknesses, even painted surfaces.
  • Low cutting temperatures to prevent thermal alteration and residual tension.
  • Clean cut without harmful atmospheres.
  • The cut surface neither cracks nor bends.
  • Optimal utilization of raw material with negligible material loss.
  • Eliminates subsequent finishing processes.
  • Ability to perform different types of cutting simultaneously.
  • Very strict tolerances.

Yaskawa Servo Motors & Drives

  • The Smartline is equipped with cutting edge Germany designed
  • YASKAWA servo motors and drives from Japan.
  • High-speed EtherCAT communication
  • Highly dynamic behaviour
  • Brushless three-phase motors
  • Flexible motor type selection

Transmission System

  • ACCURL® Waterjet are provided are equipped with constituted by a solid structure in order to assure the best
  • Repetitiveness and high precision in axes positioning.
  • X ,Y-Axis with HIWIN linear guide and Ball Screw.
  • Less noise, greater durability and greater precision
  • Unprecedented positioning repeatability of ±0.05 (optional ±0.01).

Anti-Collision System • Protection 2.0

  • Electronic collision monitoring system for cutting heads. Upon detection of a determined force on the end of the cutting nozzle, the machine is stopped.
  • The detection sensitivity regulation is programmable and easy to set up electronically.

Abrasive Backstop System. Cut Control 3.0

Abrasive backstop increases the autonomous operation of the machine. In case the nozzle is blocked, the system prevents water reaching the abrasive dosing system..


Abrasive Regulation • Tci Abrasive 3.0

  • The automatic dosing of the amount of abrasive to the cutting process is done by means of a pressurizer located at the foot of the machine completely accessible by the user.
  • This pressurizer pneumatically sends the abrasive to an automatic regulation system, which is assigned a setpoint value from the design software which automatically dosages the amount of abrasive at all times through a real-time channel.
  • This abrasive control system, together with the autonomous feeder, allows the automatic feeding of abrasive, facilitating the continuous and non-stop operation of the machine.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum flow 600 gr/min
Main voltage 24 VDC
Control voltage 1.10

Auto Sullage Removal System 2.0

This unit will condition the incoming water to the intensifier, removing lime from the water. It is highly recommended to install it to ensure filtration and decalcification of the water used for cutting, prolonging the life of all the high-pressure components.


Autonomous Abrasive Feeder-Abraline 3.0

This system is responsible for collecting the abrasive and st oring it in its compressed air pressurizing tank, and pushes the sand to the metering hopper located in the cutting head.

The abrasive transport system consists of:

  • Collecting reservoir including sieve insert
  • Pressure tank
  • Control cabinet

Technical Specifications:

Net weight 80 kg
Length 700 mm
Width 700 mm
Height 1400 mm
Storage deposit capacity 200 l
Pressurized tank capacity 24 l
Minimum working pressure 5 bar
Maximum working pressure 7 bar
Maximum compressed air consumption 500 l/min
Maximum abrasive flow rate 1.300 gr/min

New Esa S660w Cnc With Command Control

  • The ACCURL Waterjet machine is controlled with a ESA S660 series CNC control unit which provides unprecedented control of the cutting process.
  • Real time graphics: the program is provided with a manual and/ or an automatic zoom to visualize the plate contour.
  • This device willhave installed communication system with the machine, and also WINDOWS7ENTERPRISE as OS ESA S 660W Industrial PC


  • High Performance AMD Embedded GX-42CC 2,4GHz
  • 19” Multi-Touch (PCAP).
  • Absolute position registration
  • Current value output of absolute incremental position
  • Integrated retention brake control.
  • Automatic adaptation of parameters.
  • Adjustable error reaction.
  • Motor feedback for absolute position registration. Absolute incremental position

CAD/CAM Software Nesting. Libellula.Cut

  • Libellula.CUT is the cutting edge of Libellula Universe and represents the highest expression of the technological know-how of Libellula.
  • Thanks to its integrated CAD and the exclusive One-Click technology, Libellula.CUT creates or imports in a moment the geometric details from any other platform of drawing, automatically optimizing profi les and arranging them in an optimum manner for subsequent processing.

A winning formula:

+ Automation + Integration + Effi ciency + Productivity

– Learning times and programming = Libellula.CUT

The best of the technological research of Libellula in a powerful and intelligent application, which reduces the processing time.

In Libellula.CUT, the software engineers and analysts have concentrated the best of Libellula technological know-how in theme of sheet cutting:

  • Fast and intuitive learning
  • Full automation available in every step of the programming process
  • Ability to manage all the cutting machines with the same system
  • Optimization of cutting path and management for specific cutting technologies
  • Reduction in the number of piercings
  • Quality assurance of the machined parts
  • Optimization of nesting with the [ISA] system and less scrap
  • Optimized generation of nesting on uneven scraps
  • Management of FMS lines and / or of the manual operations:
  • Reduction of the cutting number of diff erent nesting
  • Automatic Skeleton cutting
  • Systems management of loading / unloading and sorting systems


Optimized information for the company with “Total Integration” additional Libellula modules

  • Order Management with the option mod.ORDER module
  • Warehouse management and reusable remnant with the mod.STORAGE option

The Max 3d 5-axis Cutting Head 2.0

  • The 3D cutter head has five axes, 3 linear and 2 rotating. It has been designed for both pure 3D cut and 2D 1/2 cut (flat cut with bevel), without losing 2D (flat) cut functionality. Its design features offer great work possibilities. Especially its infinite rotation in the C axis, which avoids the need to rewind with a consequent reduction in working times and a lower risk of reducing the cut quality. On the rotating frame of the C-axis, it is possible to connect the height adjustment and anti-collision control module.
  • It is also possible to eliminate the taper of the pieces, by means of a TCI JET CONTROL1.0 with a tangential cutting function using the 5-axis, that has been programmed in the CNC.
  • The noise level generated by the machine has been set at 85 dB at a distance of one meter during cutting 10 mm material with one cutting head with a nozzle diameter of 0.30 mm and submerged cutting.


  • Can be used with various cutting heads
  • C-Axis
  • B-Axis
  • Crash Sensor Block
  • Provided by crash sensor.
  • Provided by splash shield.
  • Can be provided be auto height sensor.
  • Its kinematic principle does not need a complex control algorithm, so the position error will be decreased.

Note: This level can vary considerably and exceed the set level (85 dB) depending on the cutting conditions and the shape of the pieces when cutting. Therefore, it is necessary that the client / user equips workstations around the machine with the necessary equipment (protective cells, ear protection for operators …) depending on the actual noise

5-Axis Cutting Head

C axis  
Effective range Infinite
Max positioning speed 300 min-1
A axis  
Effective range ± 60º
Max positioning speed 500 min-1

Clarification on the sound level reached with the use of this cutting head

CAD-CAM Nesting Software

Advanced true shaped nesting

ACCURL CNC Punch using software Radprofile Punch CAD / CAM with its own postprocessor. Features like auto nesting and machining, calculating the time, micro-joint, total Punch and more allow ease of Punching.

Radnest analyses the true shape, material and thickness of all components in a batch, separating and sorting automatically, producing high utilisation, manufacturable nests from sheets, off-cuts and remnants, delivering substantial savings in material and improving machine efficiency.


Hypertherm ® High Pressure Pump •50 Hp

  • The high pressure is generated in the intensifier of the pump, actuated by an oil pump inside, and also the low water supply system. The latest generation of pumps offers the most advanced water jet technology with working pressures Up to 4200 bar.
  • The design with a single intensifier, which generates up to 4200 bar, reduces maintenance costs and offers a quieter operation and fewer spare parts. The longer and slower stroke of the ceramic plunger displaces more water in each movement and helps prolong the service life by reducing wear of the seals.

The high-pressure pump is characterized by:

  • Hydraulic pump of variable flow and compensated pressure
  • High / low pressure selection that allows piercing
  • Electrical inversion of the cutting head
  • Noise level below 80dB
  • Leakage detection in de high-pressure circuit
  • Long lasting high pressure seals
  • System to uninstall de piston without uninstalling the cylinder
  • Air / oil heat exchanger
  • Cost-effective Cutting System
  • Maintenance-free Operation
  • The sensors, located before and after the booster pump, ensure a constant flow of water. In addition, electronic starter with frequency variation and the integrated air / oil cooler help to further reduce the fixed costs.

* To cut the maximum thickness, the following conditions must be carried out:

  • Adjust and maintenance optimum in the cutting laser installation
  • Metals must reach the requirements of quality that ACCURL says

Technical specifications

Nominal power 37 kW / 50 HP
Maximum working pressure 4136 bar
Maximum flow 4.1 L/min
Hydraulic tank capacity 211 L
Pressure accumulator volume 1 L
Water inlet pressure 2.4 – 5.5 bar
Nominal current 72 A
Protection at 400 V / 50 Hz 80 A
Noise level 76 dB
Length x Width Height 1689x1114x1508mm
Weight 1438 Kg

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