TOP Level EuroMaster Hybrid Servo Press Brake

ACCURL EuroMaster Hybrid Press Brake

Complete Range Of Professional Best Bending Solutioon

ACCURL – for years, this name has been representative of quality, reliability and flexibility. The highly flexible all-round CNC press brake EuroMaster is the latest development of the company. Includes new technical innovations in combination with the already well proven technology and know-how from many years of experience and passion coming from ACCURL. A highly dynamic hybrid-servo drive system and the user-friendly control are only two of the outstanding properties of our new EuroMaster.

ACCURL®’s Top level EuroMaster hybrid press brake built with high-end specifications and execution, advanced motion technologies and is still impressively quiet. With the integration of advanced safety equipment and options the EuroMaster is the best in creating complex parts.

ACCURL EuroMaster Hybrid Press Brake

Includes Following Features And Configuration


Industry 4.0 Ready


New Design


Green Hybrid Servo


High Performances


Environmentally Friendly


Quiet Operation

Standard Equipment

  • CNC DELEM DA69T with 3D color graphics
  • Considerably Reduced oil tank volume up to 90%
  • ACCURL BGA-6 with X1,X2,R1,R2,Z1,Z2-axis
  • ePrAX Hydrid Servo System
  • WILA® Clamping with Smart Tool Locator
  • Ram speed up to 230 mm/s
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • IRIS PLUS angle control system
  • INDUSTRY 4.0 of Productivity Monitor
  • DELEM® Profile T3D import 3D file

FEA & Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis

The CAE software SOLIDWORKS used as the method to analyze the linear static construction, stress and deformation for press break and laser cutting machine frames. So for complicated structures, highly complex loading’s, transient modelling and combination of the above, FEA makes sense.


CNC Control System

Over 35 Years Of Experience In Top Level Controls

Successfully controlling precision & productivity, modern sheet metal production is inconceivable without high performance software. Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle, reduce the time required for set-up and ensures consistently high quality.

ACCURL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of steel metal working machinery for our Laser Cutting Systems & Press brakes.


DELEM CNC Control System

DELEM DA69T Touch 3D Graphical Control

  • 17″ high resolution colour TFT
  • 2D and 3D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 3D visualisation in simulation and production
  • Full Windows application suite
  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)
  • USB, peripheral interfacing
  • Profile-T2D offline software
  • Sensor bending & correction interface

ACCURL BGA-6 BackGauge

Press Brake 6-Axis CNC BackGauge With X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2-Axis

  • Ball screws and linear guide on X, R-axis
  • Precision linear guide and YYC rack on axes Z1-Z2.
  • Fingers with double stop and micrometric adjustment.
  • Mechanical accuracy ± 0.03 mm.
  • Axes R1-R2 speed 500 mm/s
  • Axes X1-X2 speed 600 mm/s. (1000 mm/s optional)
  • Axes Z1‐Z2 speed 1100 mm/s.

Safety Arrangement

Lazer Safe – Performance Without Compromise

The LZS Series and IRIS Series Safety laser protection provide superior optical protection while maintaining the highest level of productivity and performance for CNC press brake.


Optical Safety System – Advanced

ACCURL® CNC press brake use OEM EMBEDDED LAZERSAFE offers a highly effective solution for both operator safety and machine productivity. Designed for use with Lazer Safe’s PCSS A Service, the Lazersafe is category 4 compliant and meets the world’s most demanding international safety standards(CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated).


  • Lazersafe-PCSS A0 LZS-XL
  • Lazersafe-PCSS IRIS

Wila Tool Holders And Crowning System:

This WILA® system enables the user to offset deformations of the beam while bending. thus, the angle is keeping constant along the entire plate length.


  • Easy reversibility of tools
  • Hydraulic Clamping
  • Quick clamping for the dies


  • Tool slot CNC-Deephardened®
  • Drive unit CNC, Motor at one end
  • Designed for press brakes with UPB-II hole pattern

Wila Hydraulic Clamping System

The Wila’s ‘New Standard’ Tooling System has become market leader for precision, quality and flexibility for the Accurl hydraulic press brakes for sale, the WILA’s state-of-the-art clamp system.


  • Long service life :>10 years
  • Quick clamping for WILA style tooling
  • Simple push-button loading
  • Fast and safe tool changes:Reduce 80% time
  • High-precision bending angle and flange edge

New Generation Technology

ePrAX® Hybrid Servo System

The ePrAX® control hybrid system is an innovative servo drive for press brakes, and thanks to the brushless motor, we can precisely control the movement of the ram using a minimum amount of oil and energy.

Improving energy efficiency of up to 73 % compared to conventional systems.



  • High dynamic for higher productivity of the machine.
  • Lower energy for a green Machine.
  • Lowered sound pressure level at 50 dB.
  • The servo-motor, with closed loop speed control.
  • Mass overcompensation of press ram.
  • Energy efficiency of up to 65 % compared to conventional systems.
  • Operating cost is min due to low energy consumption.thus, it gives advantages to the user with high efficiency & low operation cost.


Bending Offline Software

Indispensable Tool To Increase Profitability

DELEM DA-Offline software maximises machine efficiency and production output of press brakes. The Profile-T3D software facilitates offline programming and simulation the bending process.

Profile T3D Offline Programming: ​

The Bending offline software is an indispensable tool to increase the profitability of any CNC press brake machine. The offline software Profile T3D enables in a quick, easy and efficient way, importing and unfolding 3D files, finding automatically solutions for tooling and bend sequences and simulating dynamically in 3D for checking collisions.


Industry 4.0 With IOT Productivity Monitor™

Thanks to the advanced ACCURL® CNC and interconnecting ad-hoc software tools like the “Smart Factory” make it possible for companies to enter industry 4.0 that is revolutionizing the reality of can extract data and share information at company level: bending programs, sensors, production statistics.


Messages In Time

A bar graph displaying how many message were displayed over the time. Only the message that were active while the DA-Control was stared are indicated. The following categories of messages are indicted:

  • D = messages from the Delem application
  • M = messages from a DM-module
  • P = messages that are generated by a safely PLC
  • S = message generated by the sequencer

Products In Time

This block displays a bar graph indicating for each product the amount that has produced per day. When the mouse cursor is moved onto one of these bars, the product ID and the amount for that date is displayed.

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